Monday, September 28, 2009

SUTOS mall

Posted by calosaworld at 5:25 AM
I hang out with my friends this afternoon. but we just sit in J'Co until we went home. it was boring because there we were just talking about guys, and people. but before sitting in J'Co, we took a walk for short times to hunt shoes, and clothes. but we got nothing. then we end up in J'Co. I drank a glass of coffee. it tasted nice, but a little bitter. and a dougnut, and a cup of yogurt. I don't eat rice today, and don't tell my mom okay?? if she knows about it, she'll kill me. actually, I planned to buy shoes this day, but I didn't find the good one so I decided to buy it in a right time, is tommorow. yeah, I'll go shopping again with my mom and her friend. but they'll go to watch movie, and I'll have sight seeing. that's okay, I hope. but I don't know why, I just feel worry about myself in next wednesday, the first day of school. homeworks may the cause. I don't finish all of my homeworks. but I don't need to worry, right? come on nad, just enjoy this 2 days left because wedensday you're gonna meet that fools people again. friends at class, boring teachers, courses, exams, and more. you'll continue your life as usual again. so forget about it for a while, baby :D
well, that's my activity for today.

nadia :)

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