Friday, October 2, 2009

90210 indosiar :D

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oh well, I'm soo excited today because I have a good news, for me and my friends. beverly hills : 90210 that will be aired on indosiar on saturday, september 3rd at 10 p.m. I was soo waiting for it since the first promo. I don't remember when it was. I love 90210 because Adam Gregory played as Ty Collins there. even just for 8 episodes in season 1. I also love Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes). I can't wait till saturday XD

I've passed my first day of school commonly. yeah, nothing's happened. I just met my friends and teachers. actually, I don't really like going to school. why? because the situation is not suitable for me. my friends are always emm.. what is it? they're always ignored what I said, what I did, and what I talked. or the point is, I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS! yeah, or may be you should know them. sometimes I miss my friends when I was in Junior High. I miss my ex-best friend, dhea. we got in different school because her score on the final test is worse than me, honestly. she always brought magazine to school and showed it up to me. and that's also the first I saw hollywood jetsetters, like my adorable and cute fashion icon Leighton Meester, or Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, or Mischa Barton (ex-fashion icon), and many more. oh and don't forget about the boys. I also know them from her magazines too.

but my friends in high school?? urgh!! they're soo old style. they don't like reading girls magazine. and I can't gossiping about the stars from america (like what I always did with dhea) with them! come on, what year is it guys?? they're totally beyond belief. I can't even believe when one of them doesn't know about Rupert Grint from Harry Potter!! it was shocking me, really!! he was soo famous although he is not as famous as Daniel Radcliffe. but she also forget about Ron Weasley. I just feel like I've got a heart attack when she said "Ron Weasley?? who is that? I don't remember him." with a 'sick innocent face. how embarrassing that is!! but none of my other friends tell her about it. humpf!!! I wish I never meet them -_-

yeah... so that's the story for today. hope you enjoy it, or hope you laugh on it. because this story is true. no infecting anything. alright, see you in the next story :)

nadia :D

Monday, September 28, 2009

SUTOS mall

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I hang out with my friends this afternoon. but we just sit in J'Co until we went home. it was boring because there we were just talking about guys, and people. but before sitting in J'Co, we took a walk for short times to hunt shoes, and clothes. but we got nothing. then we end up in J'Co. I drank a glass of coffee. it tasted nice, but a little bitter. and a dougnut, and a cup of yogurt. I don't eat rice today, and don't tell my mom okay?? if she knows about it, she'll kill me. actually, I planned to buy shoes this day, but I didn't find the good one so I decided to buy it in a right time, is tommorow. yeah, I'll go shopping again with my mom and her friend. but they'll go to watch movie, and I'll have sight seeing. that's okay, I hope. but I don't know why, I just feel worry about myself in next wednesday, the first day of school. homeworks may the cause. I don't finish all of my homeworks. but I don't need to worry, right? come on nad, just enjoy this 2 days left because wedensday you're gonna meet that fools people again. friends at class, boring teachers, courses, exams, and more. you'll continue your life as usual again. so forget about it for a while, baby :D
well, that's my activity for today.

nadia :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

help, 911!

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oh gosh! now I'm sitting right in my dad's chair, in front of his laptop, and writing about this. and you know what? I guess I've reached the highest level of a stress level of mine. it drives me crazy, yeah with all of those ideas which I cannot growin' it up. I'm tellin' you that I have a lot of ideas to write. it's very exciting to have it, but it's getting annoying when you can't get rid of it. I mean, I can't share it into a piece of paper, just a piece. I want to be a writer, but I cannot make any good sentences. I can't arrange words so it'll be a memorable words. I want to be a script writer (because I have a strange habit, seeing movies more and more to write back the dialogue), but I can't find any words in my mind to write IN A PIECE OF PAPER, for God sake!!

For example, I've thought about a guy and a woman, back in their lives 18 years ago or whatever years. just pretend that the guy name is Hazel and the woman is Sandy. their loves were beautiful. but when Hazel wanted to marry her, his mom set him up with his childhood's friend named Judy (example). so when Hazel has married her, they have a child of course. his name is Dennis. and Sandy has married the other guy, I don't have any idea what that guy took place in 18 years ago. and she has a beautiful girl named Sandra.
then, Dennis and Sandra accidentally met in an laundry shop. and bla bla bla they fall in love. when Sandra took Dennis to her place, her mom was got like "a heart attack". yeah, because Dennis was really like his father, Hazel, her first and endless love. so Dennis found out that he has fall in love with the girl who are the daughter of "his dad supposed to marry". it's like, an unfinished love. so he needs to finish Hazel's love but not with Sandy, but with Sandra instead. but they got trouble because Judy, Dennis's mom doesn't let him to marry her. just like 18 years ago. then Dennis got fight with her mom and finally she understands that she can't let herself hold Dennis love someone, even if she's the daughter of Sandy. then Judy went to Sandy's place and they shares tears about past.
and finally Dennis and Sandra could finish their parent love.

well... I don't know how to express that imagination into a story. so I just let you imagine it yourself and then write it all with your words and expression. I don't exactly remember how can I get that imagination, but the thing is that'll be a popular best-selling novel if I can make the story, I wish *LOL*. okay, I'll tell you another imagination that stuck in my head next time.

nadia :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

watching star trek :D

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yeah, I've just watched star trek with my brother. it was awesome, you know? really. after seeing that movie, I bought the DVD, it costs 6 thousand rupiahs haha it's cheap because it isn't the original lol
and you know what?? chris pine as james t. kirk and chris hemsworth as george kirk were like twins. they looked very same in that film. at the first I thought that hemsworth was the brother of pine. or was the family of pine. but it's not, actually. but in real life, they are very different. pine is more gorgeous than hemsworth lol

Saturday, September 5, 2009


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I want to share something with you...

aku punya temen, yang selalu bikin aku 'sakit' secara gak langsung. dia itu temen lamaku. sebenernya aku ini bisa dibilang lebih bisa segalanya dan lebih sukses dari dia. bukannya aku sombong, tapi itu kenyataannya.
tapi dia selalu lebih di depan dari pada di belakangku. dia emang lebih dari segi finansial, dan orang" bilang dia imut (padahal biasa aja). aku sedih tiap kali ngeliat dia tersenyum dengan apa yang sudah dia dapet sekarang. walaupun hal itu buruk. tapi aku gak pernah bisa membuat diriku bangga dengan apa yang aku miliki sekarang. istilahnya, semua serba kurang.
aku gak pernah bisa puas, apalagi dengan ilmu yang sekarang aku punya. aku selalu ingin ngalahin dia, tapi justru dari ambisiku itu malah aku yang jatuh, aku yang terluka, dan dia selalu tertawa di atas itu semua. aku sudah merasakan malu dan iri setiap saat bersamanya. perasaan ini sudah lama kupendam sendiri, dan gak ada orang yang ngerti.
andai aja aku bisa ngalahin dia sekali aja, mungkin perasaan ini bisa sedikit terobati.
aku harus bagaimana? apakah aku harus menyerah untuk menjadi yang kedua selamanya?

the boring weekend

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hello everyone.
today is a weekend. but I just stay at home, because no one ask me to hang out. it's okay, I spent my weekend by watching DVD all day long. hehe XD
so, what do you do for weekend?? haha.
actually, I fell so bored 'cause I didn't do anything..
okay, that's all now. cao ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

update :)

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nothing's happen today. everything is fine. sibuk facebook-an, smsan, belajar, les, tidur, dll. hehehe :D
oh ya, aku lagi menjalani bulan puasa nih. senengnya, soalnya dosa"ku diampuni dan pahala berlipat-lipat (kata guru agamaku sii). tapi yang penting seneng bangett, apalagi pas hari raya. waahh.. bakal gajian dari orang banyak. jhahahaha.
bagi yang mau tau aku lebih banyak bisa add facebook, friendster, twitter, dan myspace, silahkan add di :
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oke.. see ya ;)

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