Sunday, September 27, 2009

help, 911!

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oh gosh! now I'm sitting right in my dad's chair, in front of his laptop, and writing about this. and you know what? I guess I've reached the highest level of a stress level of mine. it drives me crazy, yeah with all of those ideas which I cannot growin' it up. I'm tellin' you that I have a lot of ideas to write. it's very exciting to have it, but it's getting annoying when you can't get rid of it. I mean, I can't share it into a piece of paper, just a piece. I want to be a writer, but I cannot make any good sentences. I can't arrange words so it'll be a memorable words. I want to be a script writer (because I have a strange habit, seeing movies more and more to write back the dialogue), but I can't find any words in my mind to write IN A PIECE OF PAPER, for God sake!!

For example, I've thought about a guy and a woman, back in their lives 18 years ago or whatever years. just pretend that the guy name is Hazel and the woman is Sandy. their loves were beautiful. but when Hazel wanted to marry her, his mom set him up with his childhood's friend named Judy (example). so when Hazel has married her, they have a child of course. his name is Dennis. and Sandy has married the other guy, I don't have any idea what that guy took place in 18 years ago. and she has a beautiful girl named Sandra.
then, Dennis and Sandra accidentally met in an laundry shop. and bla bla bla they fall in love. when Sandra took Dennis to her place, her mom was got like "a heart attack". yeah, because Dennis was really like his father, Hazel, her first and endless love. so Dennis found out that he has fall in love with the girl who are the daughter of "his dad supposed to marry". it's like, an unfinished love. so he needs to finish Hazel's love but not with Sandy, but with Sandra instead. but they got trouble because Judy, Dennis's mom doesn't let him to marry her. just like 18 years ago. then Dennis got fight with her mom and finally she understands that she can't let herself hold Dennis love someone, even if she's the daughter of Sandy. then Judy went to Sandy's place and they shares tears about past.
and finally Dennis and Sandra could finish their parent love.

well... I don't know how to express that imagination into a story. so I just let you imagine it yourself and then write it all with your words and expression. I don't exactly remember how can I get that imagination, but the thing is that'll be a popular best-selling novel if I can make the story, I wish *LOL*. okay, I'll tell you another imagination that stuck in my head next time.

nadia :)

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