Friday, July 17, 2009

tragedy in the last day of MOS

Posted by calosaworld at 4:46 AM
kemarin hari rabu, hari terakhir mos terjadi peristiwa yang tragis banget. It really makes me shock until now. one of my friends (although I don't know him) died in a sudden death. aku gak tau pasti kejadiannya gimana, yang pasti aku tau cuma pas dia di gotong keluar GK (gedung kesenian). aku kasian banget sama keluarganya, dan teman-teman dekatnya pasti. sebenernya kasian juga sih sama anak-anak OSIS, but I can't do anything except shut my mouth up. yes, that's the only thing I can do for now. I'm really sorry for people who feeling lost about his death. semoga arwahnya diterima di sisi Tuhan. amiinn. and I hope this accident is just for the first and the last. amin.

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